The Smallest Portable Welding System on the Market

The ultimate answer to any portable welding needs. Minimal weight and convenient shoulder strap make it easily transportable into areas where conventional welding systems cannot reach. Everything you need to perform clean room and high purity welds is packaged into the smallest portable welding system on the market.

Featuring a direct cooled 160 Amp inverter power supply, arc starter, integral controller as well as optional built in water cooler and printer, the PTW160™ offers unmatched performance and value.

The Power of Control

The PTW160™ uses the latest technology in advanced FPGA and PC based controls to precisely automate welding current, 2 synchronized servos, data logging, USB and Ethernet. It features software which simplifies the calibration, programming and welding functions as well as providing the flexibility to operate a wide range of heads and motors using back EMF, Tachometer and quadrature encoder feedback

Physical Characteristics

Height: 11.75″ (300 mm)

Length: 21.5″ (546 mm)

Width: 16.25″ (413 mm)

Weight: 45 lbs (20 kg)



• Custom Head Developer Kit

• Dual MFC Gas Control

• Ethernet Streaming Telemetry and Control

• Modbus/TCPIP Control Interface

• Offline Programming and Data Log Tools

• Operator Pendant

• Printer

• SSTL Gas Lines

• Wire Feed

• CE Compliant Version Available

Welding Specifications

Welding Range: 2 to 160 Amperes

Peak Pulse Current: 160 Amperes

Weld Current Increments: 0.1 Amperes

Continuous Weld Current: 100 Amperes @ 230 VAC

Standard Controller Features

• Adapters Available for all Commercially Available Heads

• Automatic Schedule Generator

• Automatic Software Calibration for Current, Volts, Travel, Wire

• Compatibility with Dimetrics Tube Heads

• Data Logging

• PC/104 Architecture

• Spare Digital and Analog I/O

• Two Encoder Inputs

• USB/Ethernet Connectivity

• Water Cooler

Current Pulsing 0-500 Hz in 0.1 Hz steps

Duty Cycle 0-100 in 1% steps


Primary Voltage: 100, 115, 200,

230 Auto Sensing

Single Phase 50/60 Hz

CSA and RoHS Compliant

Unlimited number of program segments. Segments have programmable slope for smooth transitions.

Maximum travel and wire speed are head dependent. Parameters can be programmed in inches or metric values.

Travel is adjusted in 0.01 rpm steps. Wire in 0.1 ipm steps

Design your own user interface directly through the ethernet port.

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