The Worlds Most Compact Water Cooled Orbital Tube Welding Power Supply.

The Orbimat 165C Basic has been designed using the worlds most advanced technology to deliver a very compact and robust orbital TIG welding power supply.
ONLY 24kg (<53 lbs) Including Computer Control, Welding Power Supply & High Efficiency Water Cooling System The Orbimat 165C Basic sees the introduction of a large 10.5" colour screen which makes it easy to read the menu and control parameters. The Orbimat 165C Basic uses an updated version of the industry proven and robust ORBIMAT software which has been in service for around 7 years. The all new 'Pro-Service-System' gives operators an instant indication as to the condition of the systems status. From the PS panel the operator can see if any fuses are blow or if any internal signals or controls are defective. This makes on-site maintenance a true reality. The Orbimat 165C Basic incorporates a 'True Logic Auto-Programming' system which calculates welding parameters not just according to diameter and wall thickness with simple calculations, but uses a complex formula set which takes into account material type, gas type, diameter and wall thickness and then uses the appropriate formula for those particular variables. For maximum production the ORBITWIN 165 CB can be used to allow simultaneous connect of 2 weld heads. The ORBITWIN 165 CB will allow the connection of two different head models. Each weld head can be assigned a separate welding procedure and the ORBITWIN 165 CB will automatically transfer all services to the weld head in use and recall the associated procedure. While one head is in use the other is isolated, allowing the operator to set one head while the other is welding. OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES FOR ORBIMAT 165 CB DATA-LOGGING Package for external programming and archiving, const. out of: Compactflash Card 64 MB and USB Card Reader, Software for external editing and storing of Welding Procedures Software ORBIPROT for converting Data-Log-Files into WORD or EXCEL within selection of 11 different languages incl. English, Polish, French, Italian, German. Operation can practically be done with nearly each standard PC. Heavy duty transport case with rolls Remote control with 7,5 m cable (Not necessary as long as Weld heads from the ORBIWELD Series are in use). ORBITWIN 165 Parallel Switching Box For interfacing with ORBIMAT 165 CB allows the connection of two similar or different weldheads, which can be operated reciprocally. Each of it can be referred to an individual application and welding procedure, which is automatically called on, when the regarding weld head has been started.

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