ORBIMATIC is proud to announce the introduction of another brand new orbital welding power source. The new 300 CA has the following unique features

• Compact design
• Storage Capacity for more than 5000 Welding Procedures
• Storage Extension and Data transfer via COMPACT FLASH CARD
• Highly visible 10,5“ colour monitor
• Multi-Language Operation even with Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Chinese
• Extensive Data logging
• Built-in mini printer
• PC Offline programming (optional)Simple Conversion of Data Logfiles into pdf files
• Maintenance friendly with PSS (Pro-Service-System)
• Total weight only 35 kg

The ORBIMAT 300 CAdvanced is designed with an exclusive new operational concept. A graphical operation menu system allows the flexible control system to be navigated using a single knob and five function keys. The swivelling, highly visible monitor allows the operator to select the optimum viewing position. Folders can be created to organise the 5000 welding procedures, that the machine can hold, in a systematic filing system.

The ORBIMAT 300 CAdvanced includes the well proven ORBIMATIC AUTOPROGRAMMING with easy weld procedure generation, which requires input of Diameter, Wall thickness, Material and Gas, as wellas the current slope function between a maximum 99 different Welding Levels.
The standard version of the ORBIMAT 300 CAdvanced includes the control system for cold wire feeding and is therefore able to run the complete range of ORBIMATIC Weld heads.


A wide range of Data-Logging options are available for documentation and archiving. With the use of the full function keyboard (supplied with the machine) additional information can be added to the data log file such as electrode type, welder’s name, detailed application description and so on.
Since printing after every weld maybe unpractical under some conditions, the data log files can be saved temporarily on a FLASH-Card.
ORBIMATIC offers even an OFFLINE Soft/Hardware package, to allow transfer of Data Log files and and procedures to any PC for archiving, administration and conversion into pdf files.

Flow Force and BUP Control System

A new feature the so called Flow Force makes the arch gas rate adjustable. This allows pre-purge times to be reduced on enclosed weld heads down to approx. 7 seconds!
The optional BUP Control Module is a unique feature which allows the internal purge pressure to be optimised during the weld cycle thus compensating the sinking of the welding pool.
The BUP Control allows the internal purge pressure to be adjusted during the welding cycle to take into account the physical welding position.

LED Panel of the PSS Pro Service System
PSS Pro Service System
LED Panel of the PSS Pro Service System

The new PSS (Pro-Service-System) brings a new dimension to Orbital Welding. PSS allows the operator to easily detect any failures on the system, which permits rapid maintenance on
site. With a very systematic order of each component, all parts are easy to locate and exchange. Key components are connected by simple plugs. An LED panel is located on the rear side of the machine and this allows the operator to identify an future problems without having any technical knowledge, or the need for any other instruments.Furthermore specific control functions of the system can be temporarily switched off in order to complete, with extreme care, an immediate application on site. The machine can then be taken to a workshop to be serviced and repair the fault .

For maximum production the ORBITWIN 300 can be used to allow simultaneous connect of 2 weld heads.
The ORBITWIN 300 will allow the connection of two different head models. Each weld head can be assigned a separate welding procedure and the ORBITWI 300 will automatically transfer all services to the weld head in use and recall the associated procedure.
While one head is in use the other is isolated, allowing the operator to set one head while the other is welding.

Technical Data:

Input Power 3 x 400 VAC + – 15%
Welding current 3 – 300 A
Ouput Range 100% at 200 A
60% at 300 A
Weight without ORBICOOL 34 kg
with ORBICOOL 48 Kg
Dimensions without ORBICOOL 530 x 400 x 400 mm
with ORBICOOL 530 x 575 x 400 mm

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