The ORBIPURGE Stopper Kit contains all you need for your external purging needs. The stoppers can be used purging and blanking of tubes and fittings. Two hollow plugs of each size are supplied as well as some smaller solid plugs for blanking. The kit is supplied in an attractive ABS case with a range of hose fittings for most applications. All plugs are made from white nylon and are lightweight and durable. The stoppers provided will cover most internal diameters between 12mm and 110mm. Larger diameters of Purge Stoppers are available individually on request. To ensure purge gas usage and times are kept to a minimum these stoppers should be used in conjunction with our ORB1001Oxygen Analyser.

Quick release fittings are supplied to enable the plugs to be easily fitted to the standard ORBIMATIC Purge Hose which is supplied with our Welding Systems.

The ORB1001 analyser will trace oxygen content down to 1 ppm and has the ability to be easily interfaced directly to the ORBIMAT C range of Power Supplies.

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